Tips for a Safe Night Out with Alcohol

Tips for a Safe Night Out with Alcohol

March 12, 2019

There’s never any excuse for getting behind the wheel of a vehicle after you’ve been drinking. That being said, this also doesn’t mean you can never enjoy drinks while you’re out on the town, whether it’s for a date or for an outing with friends. There are plenty of other options available for you to get where you need to go.

With this in mind, here are some examples from a DUI lawyer in Cincinnati, OH of some of those alternative transportation options that will keep you safe if you’ve been enjoying some alcoholic beverages:

  • Ride sharing services: They’re in just about every big city in the nation now, and have become even more popular than traditional cab services because they are cheaper and more accessible in many locations. Services like Uber and Lyft are convenient and easy to use, and if you live in just about any decent-sized city there are going to be plenty of rides available.
  • Cabs: If you don’t have ride sharing services available in your area, chances are you still have taxis as well. If you don’t want to wait to hail a cab near a pickup area, you can call the cab company and request that one be sent to your location.
  • Public transportation: If you’re unfamiliar with the public transportation in your area, such as bus or subway routes, this method of transportation can take a bit more planning. It might also not be ideal if you’ve had a little too much to drink and aren’t completely certain you can trust yourself to navigate the various transfers you’re likely to have to make. However, public transportation is cheap, readily available and keeps you from getting behind the wheel of your car, so it’s a worthwhile option to investigate.
  • Drive-your-car services: There are a lot of services available that work similarly to Uber or Lyft but involve someone coming to drive your car home for you. This is a good option if you’ve already driven yourself out but had more to drink than you expected—you can take a cab or an Uber home, but still wake up to your car being parked in your driveway for you so you don’t have to worry about heading back out to the previous night’s location to retrieve it.
  • Walk: If the destination to which you’re heading is within reasonable walking distance, why not take a stroll? As long as the area is safe and the weather isn’t prohibitive, there’s nothing wrong with walking home. It can be helpful to wear reflective gear if walking at night, and to stay in well-lit areas. Make sure you cross at crosswalks, and only when you have the right of way.
  • Arrange for a designated driver: Whether you have someone who’s with you take one for the team and be the DD, or if you have someone else who’s willing to come pick you up later in the night, having a designated driver is both free and safe.

For more tips, contact a DUI lawyer in Cincinnati, OH at the office of Herzner Law, LLC.

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