Tips for Safe Shopping for the Holidays in Cincinnati, OH

Tips for Safe Shopping for the Holidays in Cincinnati, OH

November 8, 2019

Whether you shop online or in brick and mortar stores, practicing situational awareness during the holiday season is your key to staying safe and protecting your property. Thieves and other potential criminals prey upon the hustle and bustle of the season, knowing that many people will be traveling, ordering packages and shopping during the long, dark winter evenings.

Shopping at stores

Shopping at brick and mortar stores is convenient for many reasons, but when the sun sets so early, you’ll need to be extra careful. Try to always park in a well-lit parking lot, and have your keys in your hand before you leave the store. You should also avoid carrying a lot of cash, and if you misplace a credit card, cancel it and get a new one immediately.

If you carry cash, try to keep it in your front pocket, if possible, and wear a purse that you can wear securely on your person. Teach your children to go to a store employee or security guard if they should become lost, and make sure they memorize your phone number and home address.

When walking to your car, don’t overload yourself with bags and packages, as this can inhibit your motion and make you more of a target. Beware of strangers approaching you, as the season of giving is also a season of scams and thievery.

Always keep an eye out for something that looks “off,” and program the police non-emergency line into your phone. In a true emergency, call 911. Finally, be careful of your alcohol intake and always use a designated driver.

Shopping online

The principles of safe holiday shopping in Cincinnati, OH apply to online shopping as well. Shopping online comes with its own set of challenges. For starters, buy from reputable retailers. If you’re having packages delivered, consider having them sent to your workplace rather than your home. Workplaces usually have staff on hand to receive the mail, and it will prevent packages from lingering on your doorstep. The winter holidays are prime time for package thieves to strike, especially because they know you’re bound to be gone most of the day. You could also use the “ship to store” option for major retailers, and it’s always a good idea to have a neighbor keep an eye out for extra packages or suspicious behavior. Signing up for delivery alerts will let you know exactly when an item has been delivered.

Furthermore, you should consider breaking down gift boxes before putting them in the recycling or trash. Thieves can go through the trash and determine what sort of expensive items are likely to be in your home.

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