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Does a DUI / OVI Affect Auto Insurance in Ohio?

An OVI or DUI conviction comes with severe consequences. Driving while intoxicated poses a danger to you, your passengers, and other people on the road. It also makes you a

What Questions And Information Is Someone Who Is Stopped By Law Enforcement Required To Provide Answers To During An OVI Or DUI Investigation?

First and foremost, folks who are stopped are required to cooperate with the officer if they are asked to exit the vehicle. Sometimes they think they don’t have to, which

What’s the Difference Between an OVI and a DUI in Ohio?

Is There a Difference Between OVI and DUI in Ohio? DUI (Driving Under the Influence) and OVI (Operating a Vehicle while Impaired) are interchangeable terms, so while OVI is a

What Does The Prosecution Have To Prove For A DUI Or OVI Conviction In Ohio?

For a per se case, all they have to do is prove that you’re over the legal limit, and that’s why I said don’t take these breath tests or chemical

What Exactly Is Considered OVI In Ohio?

An OVI Operating a Vehicle while Impaired is how it’s defined by statute. The two main OVI sections are what’s known as the 451119(A)(i)(a) charge, the Ohio Revised Code, which

What If Someone Can’t Remember All The Details Of Their Arrest Or The Investigation And What Took Place? Does That Mean They Don’t Have A Good Case?

Fortunately, nowadays, it’s becoming more and more common for cruiser or body cameras to be present on many law enforcement agencies around here. Let’s face it, you’re nervous, you may

What Would You Say To Someone Who Comes Into Your Office And Says, “Hey, I Just Want To Plead Guilty, I Don’t Need To Spend Money On An Attorney”, Is This Wise?

I would never suggest pleading guilty because it stays on your record forever. A judge could sentence you up to 180 days in jail, and a judge could give you

Why Don’t We Start Out With Telling The Readers About Yourself And Your Background In Defending Clients Who’ve Been Charged With OVI Or DUI In Ohio?

I’ve been practicing law since 2001. I started my career doing civil contract work and found that the part I enjoyed most about that job was being in a court

What Are The Standard Penalties For DUI/OVI In Ohio And Could It Be More Severe If My Case Does End Up Going To Trial And I’m Convicted?

For a first-time offender, if this is your first OVI, first ever in your life, or if it’s a first in ten years, the mandatory minimum for a low-tier test

After Someone Is Arrested And Charged, When Are They Typically Going To Be Released From Police Custody On An OVI Or DUI Charge?

If it’s a first offense, the chances are excellent that they’ll be released that night. If you are able to find someone to pick you up, the officers will generally

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