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What Can You Do if You Suspect Domestic Violence?

July 29, 2019

Watching someone be abused—or even suspecting that they’re a victim—is a fraught situation. Approaching a victim or their abuser in the wrong way could lead to further abuse, and not just for the victim. Some abusers, when challenged, will act out and attack others as well. You might be wondering... View Article

Drinking and Driving Laws in Other Countries

July 12, 2019

We know how drinking and driving is treated here in the United States. While each state is able to set its own specific punishments, the rules are pretty consistent—drive over the limit, and you’ll get in trouble. But what do drinking and driving laws look like in other countries? Here’s... View Article

Tips for Safe Holiday Driving Over the Fourth of July

June 12, 2019

The time around the Fourth of July is one of the busiest traveling times of the year. People often use Independence Day as an excuse for extended weekends and vacations. Unfortunately, this means more people clogging the roads, which means a greater chance of accidents and fatalities. The holiday is... View Article