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Drinking and Biking? Think Again

January 18, 2020

The vast majority of DUI cases involve people who were driving automobiles and motorcycles. However, you don’t hear much about drinking and bicycling. In fact, given how frequently the message is to avoid drinking and driving, people might feel as though bicycling home from the bars or a party instead... View Article

Why You Feel the Way You Do from a Hangover

January 4, 2020

With the holidays having just recently passed, there’s a good chance you’ve recently indulged, or perhaps over-indulged, in alcoholic beverages. If you’ve ever found yourself nursing a hangover the day after drinking, you might wonder exactly what in your body is causing you to feel the way you do. So... View Article

What Is Auto Brewery Syndrome, and Are You Liable for an OVI?

December 11, 2019

Imagine eating a nice pasta dinner at a restaurant. You eat your fill and wash it down with a few cold glasses of water—there’s no alcohol involved. Then, on your way home, you get pulled over for a routine traffic stop and are faced with a breath test. You can’t... View Article

Can Breath Testing Devices Be Trusted?

November 27, 2019

We’re all familiar with the concept of alcohol breath tests in Cincinnati, OH. You’re pulled over for suspected drunk driving and presented with a device to blow into, which gauges your blood alcohol content (BAC). Blow higher than 0.08 percent and it’s enough for cops to slap on the cuffs... View Article

Tips for Safe Shopping for the Holidays in Cincinnati, OH

November 8, 2019

Whether you shop online or in brick and mortar stores, practicing situational awareness during the holiday season is your key to staying safe and protecting your property. Thieves and other potential criminals prey upon the hustle and bustle of the season, knowing that many people will be traveling, ordering packages... View Article

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