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Domestic violence charges are emotional. No matter what type of charges you’re facing, you need a domestic abuse lawyer who will stand up for your rights and help you through this difficult time. The attorney at Herzner Law, LLC has 15+ years of experience practicing law in Cincinnati, Ohio. He will work with you every step of the way to make sure you understand your charges and the upcoming steps in your case.

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3 Main Categories Of Domestic Violence Law

Domestic abuse is an umbrella term that covers a lot of different charges. If you’re being accused of domestic abuse, it’s important to know what type of charges you’re facing to build your case effectively.

Domestic violence law lumps abuse charges into three main categories:

  1. Physical Abuse
    This includes assault, battery, sexual assault and stalking.
  2. Emotional Abuse
    This includes reckless or extreme actions that cause severe distress.
  3. Financial Abuse
    This includes stealing or exclusively controlling money without authorization.
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Are Your Troubles Too Close to Home?

Being charged with domestic violence can be devastating to your family relationships and your future. Domestic Violence Lawyer Herzner can help you fight charges of emotional, financial, and physical abuse. He has over 15 years of experience and a strong background in domestic violence law. If you have children, Child Support and Family Violence Lawyer Herzner will help you protect your rights as a parent.

Compassionate, Thoughtful, Tough

Family Violence Attorney Shane Herzner has over fifteen years of experience working with clients in their child support and family violence law matters. Our firm understands the emotional strife that comes with these cases. Family matters can bring up an intense and wide range of emotions, and when you are struggling with legal issues that arise in the course of your domestic life it can complicate situations even further.

Our firm is committed to providing compassionate and dedicated legal representation to families and individuals in the greater Cincinnati, OH area. We offer a full range of legal services for every family violence law matter. From legal defense for those seeking to protect their rights as parents, to our work in domestic violence victim law, Herzner Law is here to help.

What Happens If A Police Report Is Filed In Connection With A Family Violence Matter In Cincinnati, Ohio?

An important factor to be aware of when facing a family violence matter is that any time a police report is made in connection with a matter of domestic violence law, it goes beyond the hands of the individuals involved in the dispute and becomes a matter of the state. This is because all instances of domestic violence or family violence are considered to be criminal offenses, and all criminal offenses are recognized as matters of the state.

When a police report is made, law enforcement will conduct an investigation to determine whether there is enough evidence for the district attorney’s prosecuting office to bring charges against the alleged perpetrator.

If the alleged victim in one of these cases does, for whatever reason, decide to change their mind or retract their statements it often does not change the course of the prosecution’s actions.

It is up to the discretion of the prosecutor to determine whether or not to pursue a conviction for any alleged criminal offense. Depending on which county or court is handling the case, there may be a change in the likelihood of whether or not it is possible for the alleged victim to weigh in on the pursuance of the case.

What Can A Domestic Violence Law Firm Do For Me?

 A firm that specializes in family law matters is particularly positioned through its expertise to advocate for you in any stage of your case. There is a stigma attached to cases of this nature and your attorney will be able to take the necessary steps to reduce tension by whatever means is necessary and appropriate.

A firm with experience and understanding will be able to parse through the specifics of your unique set of circumstances in order to craft a strategic defense plan that will aim to protect your rights both as an individual and as a parent, when applicable.

Additionally, attorneys who practice in this area of law may be able to represent you if you have filed a police report but are trying to persuade the district attorney to drop the case. In some cases, it is necessary for someone who has filed a report to hire an attorney to avoid criminal litigation against the person they have accused.

The best domestic violence lawyer will be able to work with you as a sounding board and as a fierce advocate as you navigate these matters. While it is perfectly legal for you to represent yourself, it is highly advisable to avoid that at all costs.

There is the initial consideration of understanding that there are many intricacies involved in these cases in terms of case law, legislation, and timeframes that vary from state to state.

What’s even more important is that should your case go to trial, there will likely be a bias in the jury to believe the alleged victim. An attorney is able to act as an intermediary between you and the state, and you and the court of public opinion.

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Whatever your unique set of circumstances may be, the legal team at Herzner Law is standing by, ready to work with you and protect your future. If you are seeking legal counsel or representation for a family violence matter, please don’t hesitate to contact our office in Cincinnati, Ohio for a free consultation today.

If you’re being accused of domestic abuse, a lawyer at our firm can help. Call (513) 964-4505 today to set up an appointment with Herzner Law.

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