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physical abuse suitsThere are few situations as complex or legally challenging as domestic abuse and domestic violence. Ohioans are protected from domestic violence by both civil and criminal statutes. This means victims have multiple avenues to pursue legal action against their abusers.

If you’re navigating a domestic violence situation, it’s important to work with qualified defense attorneys in Cincinnati, OH, that you can trust.

That’s why Herzner Law, LLC offers quality legal counsel and defense options for each and every one of its clients.

Types of Domestic Abuse

While one of the most common and visible forms of domestic abuse manifests as physical violence, there are a number of different kinds of abuse that are also criminal activities in the eyes of the state, including:

  • Physical abuse:
    Physical and sexual abuse manifest when one member of a household intentionally harms another member. Non-consensual sexual contact may result in heavier charges.
  • Harassment:
    Occurring over phone, voicemail, email, text and other modes of communication, harassment usually conveys a threatening message to a member of a household against their consent.
  • Financial and emotional abuse:
    Both emotional and financial abuse are also prohibited by law, and victims may pursue either criminal or civil charges against their abusers.

Domestic violence charges may be either felonies or misdemeanors. In addition to pursuing a conviction in a criminal court, domestic violence victims can also use civil actions, like protective orders, civil lawsuits and spousal support orders to protect themselves.

Call for Legal Help

Whether you’re in need of protection from an abusive partner or are accused of domestic abuse, it’s important to procure the services of a domestic violence attorney in Cincinnati, OH, as soon as possible.

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