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  • By: Herzner Law
  • Published: November 20, 2020

“I am a Florida resident that received a ticket while travelling through the Buckeye State. I googled for lawyers and started calling. I only let it ring 3 or 4 times and my other line rang in so I hung up. I got a call back from Shane even though I left no message! I thought “WoW now that is an ambitious guy!”

After speaking about my situation he refused to take any money until he made a few calls and was sure he could actually help me with a positive outcome, Huh? Say what? Seriously? WoW again…… I didn’t feel like a number… I have just now emailed my ticket. I have to say that it seemed like it was going to be difficult to find someone from over thousand miles away that I felt was going to actually put forth the effort. Win lose or draw I am certain of one thing. Shane is my best shot! Thanks again!!!!

UPDATE SHORTLY AFTER I wrote my first part of this review. Shane got back with me and told me the costs and the result if I wanted to move forward he’d accept payment and get it done. My ticket was reduced and no points awarded. Exactly what he promised I would end up with as a final settlement before I even paid him, I sent the check (or paid CC?) My insurance NEVER KNEW I had a speeding ticket in a construction Zone of 20 over. It was bogus and a set up that I had on video with GPS and telemetry that showed speed time and when the officer could actually see me. I would have had to go to Ohio though and testify with my evidence. This was a much better option. THANKS AGAIN Shane. (my apology for not posting the results a year ago, lol) I drive much more carefully in the state of Ohio as I pass through since then. Regards,”

Shane Herzner

Shane Herzner is a Experienced DUI/OVI attorney in Cincinnati, OH.
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