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Don't Let One Charge Affect Your Future

You Deserve The Best Representation Possible

Facing criminal charges can be scary. Navigating the legal process on your own will only make matters worse. With assistance from a reputable, experienced defense attorney, you can have peace of mind throughout your case. Attorney Herzner will go above and beyond to help you through this emotionally difficult process.

Hire A DUI Defense Lawyer In Cincinnati, OH

Your life can change in an instant when you’re charged with a crime. Before criminal charges can impact your future, you need to hire an attorney to fight for your innocence. Herzner Law, LLC offers legal services for residents of Cincinnati, Ohio and the surrounding area. Plus, Attorney Herzner has a strong concentration as a DUI defense lawyer.

Were you arrested for a drunk driving accident? Our lawyer can help. Schedule your free consultation with our DUI defense lawyer today by calling (513) 532-5555.

Why Choose Herzner Law?

Do you need a trial attorney in Cincinnati, Ohio? With hundreds of wins under his belt, attorney Herzner has a reputation for success in the area.

If you need an attorney, consider Herzner Law because…

  • Attorney Herzner has 15+ years of experience as an assistant prosecutor and a drunk driving accident lawyer.
  • Our firm can represent clients facing diverse legal issues, from domestic violence law to traffic violations.
  • We provide personalized, face-to-face counsel for all of our clients throughout their cases.
  • Coauthor of the book “A Cup Of Coffee with 10 of the Top DUI Attorneys in the United States”

If you need a drug trafficking lawyer, DUI attorney or theft defense lawyer, you’ll have peace of mind working with attorney Herzner. Call (513) 532-5555 today to set up an appointment with The Shark himself.

Advocating for You in Court Is Our Number One Priority

Being charged with a crime can change your life in an instant, putting a heavy strain on your family, your mental health, and your finances, all while you face an uncertain future. Here at Herzner Law, LLC, we’ve helped hundreds of clients in Cincinnati, Ohio, and surrounding areas fight for their freedom from criminal charges.

Though defending drivers against OVI/DUI charges is his specialty, Attorney Herzner also aggressively fights on behalf of clients charged with drug crimes, domestic violence, theft, and traffic violations. Herzner Law, LLC is here to defend you against whatever legal issue you’re facing.

Accused Of Impaired Driving In Ohio?

Accused Of Impaired Driving In Ohio?

Fight Back And Have The Charge Dismissed

Cincinnati’s Shark Is Here to Help You Stay Out of the Tank

After hundreds of wins, Attorney Shane “The Shark” Herzner has built himself a reputation for having some teeth in the world of trials and criminal defense. He believes that his clients deserve the best representation possible and is there to guide them through every step of the way; that begins with personalized, face-to-face counsel for each client.

Facing a criminal charge doesn’t have to be scary or life-ending if you know that you have the very best legal representation on your side. Let Attorney Herzner assist you through this emotionally difficult process and put your mind at ease. It’s time to reclaim your future and put your legal issues behind you.

Schedule your consultation with “The Shark” himself by calling (513) 532-5555 today.

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