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Build Your Case With A Drug Trafficking Lawyer In Cincinnati, OH

Law enforcement in the Cincinnati, Ohio area takes drug charges very seriously. Whether you’re arrested for possession or drug trafficking, a lawyer needs to be your first phone call. You can depend on Herzner Law, LLC for top-tier legal representation in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. Our attorney will help you build your case and fight to reduce or dismiss your charges, if possible.

Possession of a controlled substance, including unprescribed narcotics, can have serious legal consequences. Meet with an attorney today to discuss your next steps.

In Possession Of A Controlled Substance?

Types Of Drug Charges

Drug charges aren’t all the same. The severity of your charges can depend on the amount of drugs involved and the type of crime committed.

Some of the most common drug charges include…

  • Possession of a controlled substance
  • Distribution and trafficking of drugs
  • Manufacturing with the intent to distribute
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We’re Your Top-Tier Legal Team Against Drug Charges

Drug charges, like OVIs, are taken very seriously in Cincinnati, Ohio. Possession of controlled substances can lead to serious legal consequences like time spent in jail if you don’t have an experienced lawyer on your side to defend you.

Drug Crime Lawyer Shane Herzner has successfully defended clients against charges for possession of a controlled substance, distribution and trafficking of drugs, and manufacturing with the intent to distribute. He also fights against unlawful searches and seizures.

If you’ve been arrested for a drug charge, consult a Narcotics Crimes Defense Attorney to build your case today. Herzner Law, LLC works to have your charges dismissed or reduced.

We can also defend your right against illegal searches and seizure. Discuss your case with a drug trafficking lawyer today.

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