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traffic lightsWhile most traffic violations are civil offenses, there are some traffic offenses that may count as criminal acts. Whether you’re facing a minor speeding violation or are subject to criminal action because of a traffic stop, a trusted traffic lawyer in Cincinnati, OH, can help you fight the charges.

No matter what type of traffic charge you’re up against, it’s important to ensure that you’re receiving the best legal counsel and representation. Herzner Law, LLC is capable of providing clients with quality legal advice and representation both inside and outside of the courtroom, regardless of the severity or complexity of the charges you’re facing.

Types of Traffic Violations

Traffic law encompasses any violations that occur while a vehicle is in motion or even while a vehicle is stationary. These violations may include:

  • Seat belt and restraint violations:
    Failing to buckle yourself up may result in a fine; failure to properly restrain a child could result in steeper penalties.
  • Driving without insurance:
    If you’re driving uninsured or are underinsured, law enforcement officers may issue you a ticket or take administrative action.
  • Driving without a license:
    Driving with a suspended or revoked license, or driving with any kind of issued license, is strictly prohibited in Ohio.
  • Moving violations:
    Speeding, illegal U-turns and more are considered moving violations. Depending on the circumstances, fines will likely be incurred.

Depending on the type of charges you’re facing and their severity, traffic convictions can result in suspension or revocation of a driver’s license, jail time, fines, or even prison.

Always consult with a traffic attorney in Cincinnati, OH, as soon as possible if you find yourself facing any kind of traffic charges.

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Traffic Law Defense

Working with a qualified attorney can help you retain your driving privileges and minimize the impact of a traffic offense on your life. Call Shane Herzner on his cell at 513-532-5555 to learn more about the ways we can assist you in your defense.
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